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Hello and Welcome to Ki-ckSister, Ki-cksister Mums & kidz!


We want to welcome you to the Ki Taekwondo Family, and give it a go!. It is here that you will take your first steps (or make your first ki-cks) towards whatever goal you have in mind. Be it keeping fit and toned, learning a little self-defence, spending quality sister time or feeling a little like your favourite fighting heroine.


We aim to offer an environment where you can relax and make the most of Martial Art fitness with others of the same ability and attitude; even friends or family if you have or would like to bring them along as well.



Ladies why not come along to a Tuesday EARLY bird session at Ki Taekwondo Hazel Grove in the Torkington Centre - Train with an Instructor for fitness, fun and self defence whilst your Tiny Taegers get introduced to taekwondo at the same time too!


TUESDAY  6:00PM - 7:00pm 






Why not bring the Ki-dz too for a Traditional Taekwondo Training session at the same time - at the same venue?

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