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The Tiny Taeger's.
Children's Taekwondo Classes.

Children tend to love Taekwondo as it's a great way to burn up some of that excessive energy they have. It encourages them to be very active with the many aspects and activities training in the Korean Martial Art and Olympic Sport can offer. They also love The Taeger's Ki Taekwondo's three mascots who inspire and educate them through their many antics. Ki Taekwondo's Chief Instructor created "The Taeger's" and hopes that they do encourage Children to want to train and develop themselves and that they continue into adulthood, achieving high Dan grade status and thus inspiring the next generation of Martial Artists.


Ki Combat Taekwondo's classes engage them in fun ways to practice but also with a gentle emphasis on the discipline and development of their minds and character, so that they grow into responsible adults and a great asset to their local communities. The children still learn a great deal of the syllabus as the adults do but without as much emphasis on the more dangerous side of the Martial Art. Many Children enter the competition arena trying to emulate their heroes and stars of the major competitions and Olympic Games, which brings them on in many ways and helps them mature into great practitioners of the art. Martial Art training is also one of the few things that a parent can be actively taking part in whilst their Children are doing the same and therefore have set on a learning path together, growing together throughout their journey.


They develop great mental and physical skills with the training which aids them throughout their young lives in school and the local community. It helps them build confidence, kindness, respect and self discipline along with environment awareness and how to avoid potentially harmful situations or becoming a victim from undesirable characters. WHY not enrol them NOW to have a go at learning how to block, punch and kick the paddles which helps build fine co-ordination skills. They learn to roll, breakfall, grapple, jump, skip, to escape from locks and holds.....BECAUSE WITH Ki Combat TAEKWONDO there's just so much that they can do and IT'S FUN LEARNING skill sets which last a lifetime!



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