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The Taegers of Taekwondo Logo with shado


Ki. Taekwondo.

The. Taeger's.

Welcome to The Taeger's.


Ki Taekwondo Associations club mascots were created by Master S. H. Blomeley to encourage the younger children to train and learn more about the art of Taekwondo through their fun antics and educational cartoons and stories.




Taeger the Tiger:

You could say Taeger is the the older one of the group and the leader who tries to keep a level head with their training and discipline, although he is still prone to some comical antics




Tiger Tae:

He's definitely the joker in the pack always getting into mischief and making mistakes along the way but has a good heart. He's great at raising the spirit of the Tiny Taeger Kidz in training and they love it when he gets spotted and directs the masters attention away from them!




Tiger Kwon:

The gentle soul and lady of the pack. She has great technique and always has an ear to listen to the troubles and woes of the Tiny Taeger students, giving good advice to them to help them along their way when they are struggling with something.



Click on the Download pdf button for a poster to print out for the children to work out some key stage 2 schoolwork........

Click on the Download pdf button below for a cartoon "Keeping up with the Jones" to print out for the children

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