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Ki. News.

Ki. News.

Master Blomeley has signed to Aquinas College and has moved the main class of Ki Taekwondo to the campus recently. The college is perhaps the largest one in Stockport with over 2000 students attending there academically. Some of the college students will be given the chance to attend this year's World Taekwondo Grand Prix in Manchester to see what the sports side of the Martial Art is all about, giving them the chance to mingle with Olympic and World Champions.


The Aquinas College students who join Master Blomeleys class will be able to train at a reduced rate on production of their student union card to encourage them to take up this great Korean Martial Art & Olympic Sport. It's a fantastic way to keep fit, develop strength and flexibility plus learn dynamic self-defence skills with a very experienced Master grade of the National Governing Body in Great Britain.






Ki Taekwondo NEW College Classes at Aquinas

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