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Ki Taekwondo Ki-dz recently competed at the Yorkshire 1-2-1 sparring and patterns competition held at the Richard Dunn Sports Centre on Sunday 6th October. Master Blomeley the Chief Instructor to Ki Taekwondo coached the young players in the tournament to gain experience for novice players.

Best performance of the day goes to Shaun Peter of Offerton who took the no1 spot after a tremendous match which ebbed and flowed forwards and backwards with the scoring. First, he was in the lead on points then his opponent took over but by the third round and after a situation which saw Shaun staggering around due to an accidental clash which saw a point deducted he composed himself and went on to score more points and finish the stronger out of the two young black belts.


Anna Renu fought ok against a much taller opponent but her novice experience told as her adversary capitalized on the longer leg length and advantage she had. Little Alfie Hodgekinson had an exciting match to pip his opponent in the last round after he dug deep and his coach advised him to throw more than just 1 kick at a time. His brother David couldn't quite repeat the feat against a much bigger opponent in his weight category and took silver. Charlotte Taylor took Silver away with her and some valuable lessons in timing and ki-cking distance as her opponent displayed all the know-how to execute and score some good points. Arthur Peter took Gold in his match and also went on to match up against another fighter who needed a match and took a silver in that encounter

Ki Ki-dz Stockport.jpg
Ki Ki-dz Stockport and Taegers.jpg

Taegerific fun at the Grand Prix London with the Ki-dz

Taegers professional picture transparent

Two of the adorable, lovable cheeky big cats -The Taegers of Taekwondo

New Training Venue...

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