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Ki. Combat. Sport. Taekwondo

Sport Taekwondo training keeps you incredibly fit, toned and flexible. You are constantly challenging yourself, your  core strength, stamina, spirit and accuracy to be able to compete in the many local, regional and national championships. There's nothing quite like Taekwondo for its many kicking techniques which has been taken to incredibe standards by the koreans.


Kicking the paddles and mitts is a great stress buster and when you get to grips with a kicking technique it's a great feeling that never leaves you. Taekwondo people just love to kick and our motto reflects that, so why not " Come on and Ki-ck it with Us!" two or three times a week to be active and get fit.


If you are a high achiever and producing great results on the competition mat, there is even the opportunity to be noticed by the National Team selectors and a talent pathway for Rio 2016. For many though it's just great training to be enjoyed at whatever level of playing your at.


Nearly everybody involved in Taekwondo puts the Hogoo (body armour) on at some point in their training to enhance their skills and Ki Taekwondo's Chief Instructor was quite a reasonably successful player, winning many championships in his tournament career and passes on his experience through his training and coaching of the next generation of Ki players.

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