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Ki. Combat. Self Defence.

Self Defence training has many aspects to it and is more than just learning a few techniques. There are many concepts and principles to take on board including environment knowledge, situational awareness, and tactical manouvering etc. Self Defence training is aimed at anyone who would like to become more aware of their environment and the risk and challenges that are presented to us daily in modern society. With a small amount of training we should be able to recognise potential threats and dangers to help reduce or prevent the chances of becoming a victim. Self Defence Training covers strategies to deal with common problems or conflicts to help you to gain control over situations. The focus of this is on avoidance of situations by developing awareness and instincts. Personal Self Defence Training is a fast track approach to being able to protect yourself in a threatening situation. Using psychological and physical techniques you will learn how to avoid confrontation and in a worst case scenario be able to defend yourself as fast and efficiently as possible. During these training sessions you will be taught fast and direct physical response techniques to sufficiently immobilise a would be attacker and allow time for escape and evade. Why Train? - Personal training or small group sessions will accelerate your learning and achieve a greater understanding and ability in a shorter amount of time. Students are often motivated by the speed at which they make progress and gain confidence during these sessions. 1:1 training also often suits students who want sessions to be tailored more specifically to their needs and ability. Who is it for? - Anyone wishing to gain awareness, knowledge and confidence in a sometimes violent world and who would like to gain the mental and physical tools to deal with an attack or threat! Whether it be street aggression, mugging, physical or sexual attack, the situation can possibly be eased or avoided with the correct understanding and training. Objectives - To have the abillity to defend yourself / family if necessary, using intelligent evasion and distraction techniques along with break away techniques, kicks and strikes to give you an added advantage over an attacker. 



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